Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Love finding old voice memos

New Year's Resolutions: 2013
So we sit down together as a family every year and record our family's resolutions. I record them but never actually write them down. I came across the recording on my phone today and had to smile as I listened to their little voices say the follow...

Caden: "I don't want anything to be different in 2013, my life is pretty much perfect...making a resolution is kind of like making a goal. There are no goals because this is me and I'm pretty much happy with me."

Ella: "In 2013, I want to stop having to clean up. I also want to start taking horseback riding lessons. Never mind, I'm too scared. I don't want to ride a horse. Well, there's one thing I want to do, I really want to learn how to roller skate. Because they say if you can't roller skate, you can't go roller skating."

Danali: "I want Danika and go to Jackie's house. I want to play with Danika at Danika's house"

What do you want to do as a family in 2013?

Caden: I think we should play board games together and go to skate land...that would be a good one for you Ella.

Ella: I want to go roller skating and go to the aquarium.  I would like to go to more movies together.

Danali-I want to go to Danika and Nana house.

Mom: I want to do more outdoor things together and I definitely want to go camping together. (Ella-Oh, me! me! Me!)

Is there anything you want from Mom and Dad?

Caden: Stop involving us in all the cleaning stuff.

Ella: Stop yelling at us!!

Danali: I just like playing with you guys.

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